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This may make me a better speaker . . .or not!Who says nothing in life is free?   Yesterday was the annual Weatherford College writers conference, Books & Authors & All that Jazz.  For the fourth year in a row, I was truly impressed with the number and quality of presenters at this one day FREE event.  Lots of chances to learn from established authors, and to meet and mingle with them at the breaks and after class.

One of the things which impresses me about the conference is how very willing the authors are to help us newbies along.  Harry Hall, shown in this photo with me and his book on author presentations, graciously offered to help me craft a speech once I begin the book signings for my new book, The Senior Center Shakedown.  The panel of authors was amazingly helpful in presenting their own marketing tips for getting their works before the public.

The authors have a chance to sell their books at the event, and get lots of exposure.  It’s a win-win situation.

The conference is underwritten by Parker County Today, a regional magazine filled with glossy photos of all things Parker County.   Linda Bagwell, on the staff of Weatherford College, has been the  ramrod for this conference for the last decade.  And she has done an awesome job–since I’ve been going it’s only gotten better each year.  But Linda is retiring this year, and the future of  Books & Authors is up in the air.  In an era of tight budgets and cutbacks I’m hoping that the college and the magazine will find a way to continue the conference and locate someone  brave enough to attempt  filling Linda’s shoes.


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